“Chelsea Paolini is an inspiration to a scene that is in desperate need of more female-fronted rock bands.”   Christopher Hislop, Seacoast Online

"...dominating eardrums with her scorching guitar playing and retro-fit rock 'n' roll. Having a female fronted rock band that kicked so much bum was a rare treat..." Christopher Hislop, Seacoast Online

“Paolini has plenty of righteous riffs... ” Larry Clow, The Wire

"...an endearing exuberance..." Matt Kanne, The Wire

"Paolini’s penchant for pop sensibilities and major chords creates an interesting atmosphere for her tragic lyrics.." Austin Sorette, The Sound

“Chelsea Paolini takes on the RPM Challenge - held during the doldrums of cabin fever season - and springs forth a burst of fresh-aired tunes containing a garden's variety of flavors from wistful to ecstatic, with plenty of interesting twists, rhythmic shifts and blazing guitar riffs & licks. Favorite track: Dream.”  Granite State Underground

“The project condenses these two powerhouse bands into their simple sugars: catchy, confessional music set to beautifully bright melodies and funky rhythms.” Austin Sorette, The Sound

Medicine Cabinet Album Reviews

Austin Sorette

Granite State Underground

Major Chords, Minor Progressions